Nuclear Organizations 

Nuclear Threat Initiative

Ploughshares Fund

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Union of Concerned Scientists

Physicians for Social Responsibility

Future of Life Institute

Reaching Critical Will

Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO)

nuclear education

Living at the Nuclear Brink: Yesterday and Today
Free Stanford Online course on the history of nuclear weapons

The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism
Free Stanford Online course discussing the modern threat of nuclear terrorism and what can be done

UN Disarmament Resources
Educational content from the United Nations

NTI Education Center
Educational content and tutorials related to nuclear policy, biological weapons, radiological security, and cyber threats

Nuclear Files
Educational resource from Nuclear Peace Age Foundation

Hibakusha Stories
Repository of educational content, media, curriculums, particularly focused on Hiroshima survivors

Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Graduate Program with an emphasis on nuclear weapons studies

Nuclear Darkness: Global Climate & Nuclear Famine
Information and Simulations of nuclear aftermath and subsequent famine and climate affects

A World Without Weapons
Lesson plans on disarmament issues

Learn About Nuclear Weapons
Swedish Physicians against Nuclear Weapons education portal for general nuclear weapons information

CTBTO Knowledge & Training Portal 

Nuclear Weapons Archive
Archive of historical nuclear weapons information

Atomic Archive


Disarmament Advocacy

Global Zero


Nuclear Peace Age Foundation

Don't Bank on the Bomb

Interactive nuclear resources

Nuke Map
Interactive map demonstrating the effects of different kinds of nuclear weapons on Google Maps

The Wheel of Near Misfortune
An interactive history of nuclear close calls, screw ups, and near misses

The Trillion Dollar Nuclear Shopping Spree
See how much nuclear weapons modernization is costing us by seeing what you can buy with $1 Trillion dollars

Film / Video

Nuclear Tipping Point 2010

Command and Control 2016

The Bomb 2015

The Day After 1983
TV movie about the day after a nuclear bomb attack

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb 1964

Countdown to Zero 2010
Documentary film traces the history of the atomic bomb from its origins to the present state of global affairs

White Light/Black Rain 2007
Documentary about the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Hiroshima: BBC History 2005

Fail Safe 1964 
Cold War Drama about a U.S. bomber accidentally ordered to drop a nuclear warhead on Moscow 

Radio Bikini 1988
Documentary about nuclear weapons testing in the Pacific islands

Dark Circle 1989
Documentary film which explores how all of us have been affected by the nuclear age