Former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry recounts his nuclear nightmares, catastrophe scenarios based on his decades of experience working with nuclear issues and testimony of scientists, experts, politicians, and current events.


Washington D.C. Nuclear Nightmare

“It is all too feasible that a terror group could make their own nuclear bomb.”
— William J. Perry, former Secretary of Defense

William Perry, former defense secretary under Bill Clinton, describes his “nuclear nightmare,” where a terrorist group
is able to enrich a small amount of uranium sufficient to create a nuclear weapon and transport it to Washington D.C.

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South Asia Nuclear Nightmare

“The risk of nuclear catastrophe is greater today than during the Cold War.”
— William J. Perry, former Secretary of Defense

William Perry depicts how tension between nuclear armed states can lead to catastrophic miscalculations, and how even a small exchange of nuclear missiles can lead to devastating worldwide results.

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