Nuclear Nightmare: Washington D.C.

“We can hardly bear to imagine the catastrophic outcome of this hypothetical scenario—and yet we must. This example is only illustrative; the same end would result if a terror group bought or stole a nuclear bomb from North Korea or Pakistan, or stole fissile material from a reactor in one of the countries that still has highly enriched uranium or plutonium in insufficiently guarded facilities.

The danger of a nuclear bomb being detonated in one of our cities is all too real. And yet, while this catastrophe would result in hundreds of times the casualties of 9-11, it is only dimly perceived by the public and not well understood. As a result, our present actions are not commensurate with the tragic consequences that would result from even a small-scale nuclear attack.”

William J. Perry
19th U.S. Secretary of Defense 
Author of My Journey at the Nuclear Brink

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