The William J. Perry Project was created
by former Secretary of Defense William Perry
to engage and educate the public on the dangers
of nuclear weapons in the 21st century

Our mission is to stimulate an informed and broadly inclusive public conversation
about the role of nuclear weapons in today's world
and to work toward a world in which nuclear weapons are never used again.


Contributions to The William J. Perry Project are tax-deductible and made directly to our sponsor,
Nuclear Threat Initiative, which returns 100% of contributions to support our work

The Perry Project has worked closely with young people to learn how best to convey our urgent message to them and their peers. We have also teamed up with experts in the field to create dynamic content to spread awareness about the modern threat of nuclear weapons and actions to mitigate that threat.


In 2014, Dr. Perry taught a Stanford course titled "Living at the Nuclear Brink: Yesterday and Today."
He was joined by a distinguished array of scholars and experts from government and the private sector
who shared our conviction about the critical dangers from nuclear weapons today.

The Perry Project now offers this class free online as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) 

Our Team

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